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We have produced a landing page for the client Baanthai, a Thai massage studio located in Bratislava. The website was primarily used by Slovak-speaking customers. English speakers saw an automated hint to call the center directly with their clickable english reception phone number.

The website redesign required a prior analysis of user interaction. We have deployed Google Analytics to watch common user behavior on the original version of the website for a period of 10 days. Based on this data, we have presented the client with a goal list for the redesign. The list included:

  • Faster orientation for first-time customers
  • Clear pricing list and order options
  • Shorter texts
  • Unification of the design

Faster orientation for first time customers was achieved by clearing the sections and website structure. We developed the website in iterative cycles. Firstly, sections of the website were reorganized and common user behavior on the website was observed. Based on the results, we have deployed a new version, changing the things that were still confusing the users.

Making the pricing list clearer also challenged our business consulting skills. Based on the most popular combinations of massage treatments, we have created service packages with custom additional options. Our concept proved to encourage more users to book massages as well as helped the center to provide services more efficiently.

Moreover, we made texts on the website up to 5 times shorter without giving up too much content or essential information. The section designs and newly created packages were then connected in one, unified website design. The Baanthai massage center doubled web orders after deployment of the redesigned website.

An example of the shortened website texts and reorganized sections.
The website required a clear selection of icons for the fastest orientation and order instructions, keeping texts as short as possible.
Website footer with contact information and map for better navigation to the massage center.

In summary, our redesign achieved these results:

2x 85% 15%
more web orders decrease in calls asking for directions revenue increase of the center

HeadsUp! game

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HEADS UP! – because life is not a game.

Dodge all dangers and play it safe in your new job at Mondi – one of the world’s leading packaging producers. Check permissions, drive a forklift, do not get caught by rotating machinery-parts, beware of heavy loads, repair the power-lines, keep an eye on the glue and don‘t get eaten by the bear!

Mondi – HEADS UP! Is a fun approach to safety precautions in work-environments and free to play for everyone.

Play every game and earn as many points as you can, but don´t forget to think about the safety rules. Take care, because life is not a game.


1.) WORKING WITH PERMITS: There are different items required in different work-places, such as vests, helmets, goggles or gloves. Does your colleague wear all the required items? Check and decide by tapping on the correct button.

2.) OPERATING MOBILE EQUIPMENT: Handling mobile equipment in a working environment requires a lot of concentration. Tap on the buttons to break or accelerate in order to avoid possible accidents!

3.) ENTERING CONFINED SPACES: Working in confined spaces can be very dangerous – especially when the light goes out. Memorize your path and find your way in the dark by tapping on the navigation-buttons.

4.) WORKING AT HEIGHTS: Better to be safe than sorry, especially while working at heights. Estimate the distance between the shelves and adjust your bridge by tapping and holding.

5.) ENERGY AND MACHINERY INSOLATION: Current and electricity are not a good mix. Repair the circuit by tapping on the connectors before your time runs out.

6.) MOVING AND ROTATING MACHINERY: You need to take care in the work place, because machines don’t. Dodge all dangers by tapping on the navigation buttons.

7.) LIFTING AND MATERIALS HANDLING: What goes up must come down. Release the crane-load by tapping on the screen when it’s above the stack.

8.) HANDLING HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES: Don’t fool around with chemicals. They might react violently. Keep the glue at the right level by tapping on the screen.

9.) WORKING IN FORESTS: Forests are dangerous. There are falling trees, obstacles and wild animals. Avoid all harm by tapping on the navigation buttons.


Google Play:

Apple App Store:


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Changes and maintenance of the official Provida website.

Ladislav Kossár, the founder of Provida talking about their cooperation with Revolware


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This online identity helped the Slovak Security Policy Institute propagate an educational public quiz event “Máš NATO!”.

Reference from the client about our work in Slovak language.

Hall of positive engagement

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A playful educational software helps thousands of kids lead cultivated discussions with people having opposite views, as well as to avoid haters, stalkers, fanatics and trolls.

Tomáš Kriššák talks about his experiences while working with Revolware.

Inšpiruj sa

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Do you struggle with the question of your future education? Getting closer to the end of high school you’re most likely overwhelmed with all kinds of ideas about what you should study next. Do you want to be a lawyer? A teacher? A doctor? Is it better to study abroad? If you can’t answer these questions, don’t worry. You are not the only one. A large part of high-school students doesn’t know what career they want to pursue. Luckily, there is Inšpiruj sa, a conference that will open your eyes and give you a realistic overview of various professions.

Project goal:

To inspire students in choosing universities.

By the time you’re in grade 11 and 12, you have to explore what you want to do for the rest of your life. It is hard to decide when it seems that there is no one to answer your questions. Prospective students need to see what study and career opportunities are available to them before they make a big decision about how to spend the next few years of their life. In order to be able to weigh the pros and cons, they need to have a clear vision of how the universities work. We wanted to help undergraduates to get an overview of their future studies and decide rightly. When the opportunity arose, we seized our chance and came with a conference Inšpiruj sa.

The conference Inšpiruj sa first took place in 2017, and the goal was clear, to give students a chance to ask questions and to see what’s available in the market. We organized many lectures covering the majority of fields in the labor market. They were led by experts, who came to share their experiences, challenges and show youngsters new perspectives on work. There’s plenty to help everyone out — whether one had some or no idea what to study. There were nine lectures in total, and students could choose which ones they wanted to attend. Since only two were taking place simultaneously, students got the opportunity to learn about various fields.

Mysterio, the next level of gaming.

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As everything continually moves into the online space, we tend to stay home in front of the monitors. The Internet allows us to play games with people from all over the world and create apparent social connections. Undoubtedly, gaming makes our brain release dopamine and even enhances our concentration. However, it is easy to develop gaming disorders and prioritize playing over everything else. This disorder can be linked with anxiety, obesity, and stress.

Games, fortunately, do not need to involve just pressing buttons on your controller. They may compel you to go out, spend time with your friends and explore the world. Using the GPS functionality that’s built into all modern smartphones, you can now walk out the door and make a fun game out of it. Gaming is no longer for lazy bums or nerdy people. Thanks to the Mysterio, playing is now for everybody.

Mysterio enables users to create interactive games using augmented reality (AR). AR allows people to see a real-life environment enhanced by digital visual elements. The most popular AR game Pokémon Go got the attention of many. People interacted with Pokémons interposed into the real world via the screen. In Mysterio, everyone can create their own game, and it is just up to the creator, whether there will be pterodactyl landing in the trees or aliens trying to capture the world.

Other users can then play these games either inside the selected building or outdoors. The beauty of the game lies in the fact that players are part of the story. During the game, they will be able to learn new information, answer interactive questions, and gain points while being physically active. These games do not only improve health but also help to develop imagination or cognitive abilities. The best thing is there is no age limit, and so the game is suitable for everybody.

MHD Bratislava for Windows Phone

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Where’s the nearest bus stop? How long does the ride take, and when the bus leaves? These questions can be answered with just a few clicks or swipes. Public transport apps are there to help local travelers avoid disappointment, save time and reach their final destination. Bratislava lacked such an app, and therefore Revolware decided to fill this gap in the market. Their effort resulted in the app MHD Bratislava that allows you to find information about public transport in the capital city of Slovakia even without an internet connection. The struggle of not knowing when your tram arrives finally disappears.

Project goal:

To provide information about public transport in Bratislava for Windows Phone users.
Phase 1: Research, Planning

The idea to develop an application containing information about public transport in Bratislava came naturally. Not only that using public transport has economic benefits, but it also supports the environment. Helping it hence seemed reasonable for Martin Hrabovec, the founder of Revolware. He was aware that thousands of people in the capital are commuting daily to their jobs. Public transport app would simplify their lives and possibly encourage other people to leave their cars at home. However, he had to start from scratch and rewrite the bus timetables by his hand. In the beginning, there were just a few bus lines. Though, after making sure there is sufficient demand for the app, data collection had to become faster. At this point, it was more than clear that Martin could not manage everything by himself. The team gradually expanded, and the future of the app seemed to be bright.

Discussions regarding the functionality and obtaining data about departures and arrivals lasted hours. After we had solved the question of the automation of data, functionality was next in the line. We wanted our app to function even without an internet connection. There are numerous advantages of offline apps such as constant availability, quicker loading, or battery saving. Furthermore, mobile data were not commonplace a few years ago. Thus, the inability to use an app without an internet connection might have been a key factor for people to uninstall it. We wanted to prevent such thing and make the user experience as good as possible.

However, the functionality of MHD Bratislava does not end with the offline version. While the internet-free app contains just the necessary data, the online version is equipped with advanced features. It can accurately calculate the fastest path and show relevant news about public transportation. Users may even find out about possible changes in routes or temporary shutdowns.

Phase 2: Problem Solving, Design and Coding

Definition of the Problem: Provide convenient offline access to relevant information about public transport in Bratislava for Windows Phone users.

Android and iOS had their public transport apps already, but Windows phones lacked one. By this time, we had all the data about public transport, but the real challenge was ahead of us. The development of the app requires dedication and effort to turn the idea into a responsive and functional app. Every application needs design, one that is attractive and also functional. The front-end developers make sure the graphical interface is appealing and interactive. On the other hand, the back-end part is hidden from the user and is not meant to be used by people directly. It runs on servers and consists of processing, storing, and securing data.

For front-end development we used XAML. It is an application markup language used extensively in Windows platform apps. When applied to a software developer platform .NET, it simplifies creating a user interface. To put it simply, XAML is responsible for the design of the app. Furthermore, the .NET framework supports various programming languages including C#, which we used for the back-end of the app.  

To develop MHD Bratislava, we used the LEAN methodology, which is used to build new applications quickly and at the lowest possible cost. The Waterfall approach, which is based on a linear project management approach seemed unreasonable because it does not allow simultaneous work in different phases of the development. LEAN development stages include traditional planning, analyzing requirements, design, coding, testing, and deployment, but they form a cycle rather than a line. This means the processes are flexible, repeatable, can happen in any order, and parallel. It allows gathering the user feedback, continuous testing against different environments, and changing the scale of the project on the run. Once the application was launched, we were able to test it and detect errors as quickly as possible. In this age of rapid technological change, it is not the largest that survives, but the fastest.


Design and functionality go hand in hand. The application must be not only visually inviting and catching, but also easy to use. Simple interfaces are, therefore, increasing in popularity. We decided to follow Windows Phone design guidelines that users are accustomed to. The main goal was making sure nothing distracts the user’s attention from the main application task.

Phase 3: Testing

Thanks to the LEAN development, the mobile app was released rapidly while providing all the basic features. Users were able to look up the arrivals and departures of specific bus lines and calculate the shortest route. This quick release of the application also allowed us to get feedback directly from Windows Store users. Their reviews helped us focus on the required features, and this brought the application to another level. We corrected all the flaws, and after the major updates and upload of the whole database, MHD Bratislava was back on track, with a significant amount of monthly user sessions.

Phase 4: Summary

To conclude, we have reached our goal and managed to create a public transport app for Windows Phone users. The application was released quickly, and after a while, it contained all the MHD routes in Bratislava. Not only have the users been able to find bus departures and arrivals, but its offline functionality has allowed people to do so wherever and whenever they want. Furthermore, even though we have not promoted the application in any way, there has been a significant number of downloads.

Overall, the app has not only simplified the lives of many people but also allowed our team members to develop their rhythm and styles, which in turn helped to mature the personality of Revolware. Finally, if you do manage to create an amazing app, do not stop there. The next step is to capitalize on that success and try to find new ways to amaze your users a little more!

“Useful and easy to navigate, the app works smoothly :).”

“Works super, I downloaded it mainly because of the offline mode.”

“A very useful application! Finally, I can see my bus departures on Windows Phone.

“Useful and well-arranged app works without any problems.”

Available on

Windows phone store :

When hackers hack, fight back.

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What happens when a group of confident and motivated Slovaks decides to unite for a common goal and demonstrate their belief for a thriving society? They start a unique project, which helps ordinary people to understand complicated concepts of this world. Founders of genuinely believe that it is possible to sufficiently express one’s opinions even without radical remonstrations or improper shouting in public places, and so do we. Some wicked people, however, do not like imagining others prospering, and so, has suffered the hacker attack. Luckily, we were there, ready to help and fix this unpleasant hassle.

“A very unique group of tech-savvy professionals with a variety of skills able to deliver any possible digital solution and project imaginable.”

Tomas Krissak, cofounder of
posted on Google reviews

Project goal:

To detect flaws, fix corrupted files, and secure the website.

What happened?

Hacktivism endangers not only individuals whose private information is being misused but also local government agencies or even platforms enabling young people to present their social opinions. Waking up into a seemingly pleasant morning, finding out your website is out of order must be an ultimate nightmare. The founders of have unfortunately experienced this. They contacted us and humbly asked for urgent help. Their website was not functioning, and the problem was more critical than we initially thought. Handling hacker attacks is a matter of minutes, and so our team was immediately figuring out what the problem was. However, it was quickly apparent that it was a hacker attack. Clandestine group hacking websites just for fun or to ditch political information has, fortunately, opponents who help attacked sides.

Who needs a gun when you have a computer? It is easy to cause harm virtually from anywhere in the world. However, even though it is impossible to identify the people responsible, we can say they must be experts. Proper research was needed for a better understanding of a particular problem.

Problem analysis and solution

After a detailed examination, we tried fixing all the corrupted files and even the database. The sad truth of life is that breaking a vase takes just a second, but putting it back together could last long hours. A similar concern appears to be true of corrupted files. It would be easier to write a program, which replaces pieces of an image with black rectangles than the one which would replace dark holes with something meaningful. It might be complicated, but we never run away from a critical problem. No matter how long it takes, we believe that there is a suitable solution to every problem. This case was not any different, and after our intervention, the corrupted files, database, and theme saw the light of the day once again.

As soon as everything was repaired, it was just the right time for the website to get back into shape. We reinstalled and reconfigured all of the plugins, and the website seemed to be going the right way. However, the site still lacked the images. It is always a good idea to back up the data in case they are lost or become inaccessible. We spent some time finding out where the images were and attaching them to the media library. As a final step, we added pictures back to the posts, but the site was still not ready.

We had to take a look at malware, a program designed to cause damage or do any unwanted actions. It is unfortunate that there are developers with vicious intents, but it is good to be aware of that. Malicious software comes in many formats, and it is good to know which type you are coping with. We spend hours doing research about specific malware and investigating it. Clearly, in order to win, you need to know your enemy.

Our rival was fiercer than we expected. After the analysis, we found out that the malware we were dealing with was a certain type of worm. Worms have been there even longer than the viruses, and their distinctive trait is self-replicating. They typically contain payloads that cause the damage. Payloads are pieces of code written to perform harmful actions despite just replicating itself. In order to get rid of the worm completely, one needs to delete every slight bit of it. Otherwise, it duplicates itself, and you will return to the beginning. Worms can cause almost any type of damage, including corruption of files or stealing data.

Website security

As soon as we got rid of all the pieces of malware, we thoroughly discussed the ways in which we could improve the security of the website. It was crucial for us to do everything to prevent further attacks. Foremost, we looked at the most significant thing many of us still leave behind – passwords. It is tempting to go with something easy to remember, but in order to secure the website, it has to be complex and challenging to crack. Passwords are like protecting walls that stand between you and the hacker, and the stronger they are, the harder it is to crush them.

Once we set the passwords, we moved to the vulnerable assets of the website. Although plugins and extensions might enhance the visitor experience, they also open the door to potential hazards. When plugins are outdated, they become exposed to attacks. Other than fixing bugs and glitches, updates might also patch security holes. We reinstalled all the plugins to their most recent version and finally headed on to the permissions.

No one would allow others to enter their homes and do whatever they want. So why enable foreign people to access the site’s content and update it? In this case, what is not forbidden is allowed, and not setting appropriate permissions serves like an invitation for hackers to get what they need with no effort. To prevent such situations, adjusting permissions so that only authorized people could rewrite and access all the files followed.

We assigned various permissions to specific IP addresses. While unauthorized visitors from unknown IPs have just elementary read permissions, members of joined from selected addresses can do considerably more. Internet protocol addresses are, however, at risk of a hacker attack. To secure the IPs of our client, we used a virtual private network or VPN. It establishes a secure connection and traffics all data through an encrypted tunnel. Networks protected this way are very hard to hack and misuse.


It is necessary to act fast in the potential case of hacker attacks since the longer the wrongdoer has access to the site, the more damage he might cause. Not only our prompt reaction allowed to recover in almost no-time and continue educating the general public, but we also did our best to prevent their site from further attacks. When hackers start to use their guns, you can always rely on Revolware.

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