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How to let people leave comments directly on a pope’s car.

In the beginning of 2021, the Pope announced his visit to Slovakia, despite the still ongoing Covid-19 pandemic. Finding out that the Pope chose Škoda Enyaq as his official vehicle for his visit in Slovakia, 2021, we partnered with the car brand to help them promote this clean and affordable all-electric family SUV.

The original idea was to create a unique way for people to connect with the pope using a special-purpose website, together with an augmented reality project that could bring their messages to the real world. After a couple of experiments with R&D browser-based AR technologies, we decided to approach the project using webAR libraries operating with the phone’s native camera components.

First experiment with live car planes detection. The planes would later be used for displaying the comments in the right angle.
3D model of the Pope’s Enyaq with messages left by our users.
The augmented reality project website showed people’s messages directly on the Pope’s Enyaq

We programmed a website for leaving comments, including a live 3D model of his Enyaq to view the messages via desktop PCs, together with a possibility to launch the AR view directly in the phone’s browsers. This button was, however, shown only to users with smartphones supporting the necessary AR-camera features.

After typing their message on the website and entering the styling options with region, the users could open the AR view, point their camera on the Pope’s Enyaq and view their message, together with approved messages of other users changing after every refresh.

First step in displaying the AR messages – the user was directed to point the camera at the car in a pre-specified angle.

This project got extensive coverage in the media and on social networks, was covered in the most watched Slovak TV station, while the project was used by over 20 thousand people leaving more then 4000 approved messages.

One of the first official posts by Škoda Auto

Moreover, the messages for the Pope had to be moderated, as there was a serious thread of spam bots, product promotions, links with viruses and so on. For this purpose, we have created a simple administration website with all the . The admin panel was also used for the monitoring of how many people took part in the activity, how many new messages are left for the pope, how successful are the PR articles in news, as well as the PPC campaigns. Furthermore, the administration panel alerted us, if our hosting services were overused at any moment.

A sneak-peek of the simple firebase administration website

At the end of the Pope’s visit, his staff read him the comments during his journey home.

The all electric Škoda Enyaqs were left on display even after the Pope’s visit

Pizzeria u Jánoša

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Website redesign for a private Pizzeria in Devínska nová ves. The customer’s wish was for the website to be extremely simple and easily readable from Kindle devices. Some example screenshots below:

Beginning of the Pizza menu page

Daily menu page changed every week


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“Fídbek” (Feedback) operating on the domain hodnotucitela.sk (rateyourprofessor) was a simple website allowing students to leave anonymous or signed comments and scaled ratings on their teachers’ performance. This website was created in cooperation with the student council and the teachers’ office of Gymnázium Matky Alexie in Bratislava, Slovakia. More than 90% of the teachers decided to participate, even though the participation was not mandatory. During its operation, the website was used by hundreds of students, leaving thousands of comments and ratings to their professors. Some teachers even decided to change their lecturing style after hearing out the students and modify the grading scales. One of the biggest successes of this system was that it gave voice to the more introverted students, who were hesitant to give feedback in person, or feared reaction of the school authorities. Also, without the fear of direct punishment, anonymous comments made a way for constructive criticisms to be heard out. This standalone website was later given to the school for free and integrated into its larger IT system originally used for grades, absences and to-do student assignments.


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Tringelt was an online online ordering system for restaurants to sell food directly via their original website, using Tringelt’s Order, Pay & Delivery widget. The system helped restaurants keep their customers and continue serving high-quality meals without the headache to register on yet another standalone app or delivery system detached from their website and original customers. We have also helped people, or even entire companies to get food from their favorite restaurants during the pandemic lockdowns. Thanks to Tringelt, customers, as well as restaurant staff members were able to stay safe and keep their jobs during the toughest times. After the customer retention metrics soared in Tringet’s testing restaurants, the founding team decided to open it up for a general public. For this purpose, we have published a landing page with an option of free registration for new restaurants, as well as an interactive registration process that eased their access to our system.

Tringelt landing page

The key to a successful service in the . We made sure that the website was communicating clearly with its users every step of the way. One such example would be the registration page inputs, where customers were not only guided to successfully fill all the sign-up forms, but also encouraged to finish the process by seeing testimonies of other restaurants – when the system’s interaction algorithm noticed their uncertainty or hesitation. This unique way of communication implemented directly in the system helped us significantly raise the registration-finish numbers in just a few days.

Interactive signup form for new restaurants

The original idea to create this system came from an initiative founded by our client – “Pomáhame si – gastro v korone” (or “We help each other – gastro during corona times”). This initiative started as a local community of restaurant owners to share newest updates from the everchanging governmental restrictions, virus situation in their region, as well as know-how on operating restaurants in accordance to restriction while staying attractive to their customers. Tringelt was created after several restaurant owners and managers mentioned, how such a system could help them stay alive and in the business.

Logo of the initiative “We help each other – gastro during corona times”


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Stredoslovenská energetika, a.s. (SSE) is an electric utility company based in Žilina, Slovakia. It is the second largest electricity distributor in Slovakia, which serves the entire Žilina Region, Banská Bystrica Region and in a part of the Trenčín Region, where it delivers and distributes electricity to over 700,000 customers, including businesses and households. 

For these 700,000 customers, we have created and distributed interactive videos with suggestions how to spare their money for electricity and natural gas by changing their tariff rates based on their past spending and future usage, as well as pricing projections. Customers could change their tariffs directly in the video following instructions of their virtual assistant Silvia – which made the process feel natural and safe.

This customer uses all the best tariff rates. Everything all right here!

At the end of the video, customers could check and update their official contact information used by SSE.

An interactive screen ending the video


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We have produced a landing page for the client Baanthai, a Thai massage studio located in Bratislava. The website was primarily used by Slovak-speaking customers. English speakers saw an automated hint to call the center directly with their clickable english reception phone number.

The website redesign required a prior analysis of user interaction. We have deployed Google Analytics to watch common user behavior on the original version of the website for a period of 10 days. Based on this data, we have presented the client with a goal list for the redesign. The list included:

  • Faster orientation for first-time customers
  • Clear pricing list and order options
  • Shorter texts
  • Unification of the design

Faster orientation for first time customers was achieved by clearing the sections and website structure. We developed the website in iterative cycles. Firstly, sections of the website were reorganized and common user behavior on the website was observed. Based on the results, we have deployed a new version, changing the things that were still confusing the users.

Making the pricing list clearer also challenged our business consulting skills. Based on the most popular combinations of massage treatments, we have created service packages with custom additional options. Our concept proved to encourage more users to book massages as well as helped the center to provide services more efficiently.

Moreover, we made texts on the website up to 5 times shorter without giving up too much content or essential information. The section designs and newly created packages were then connected in one, unified website design. The Baanthai massage center doubled web orders after deployment of the redesigned website.

An example of the shortened website texts and reorganized sections.
The website required a clear selection of icons for the fastest orientation and order instructions, keeping texts as short as possible.
Website footer with contact information and map for better navigation to the massage center.

In summary, our redesign achieved these results:

2x 85% 15%
more web orders decrease in calls asking for directions revenue increase of the center

HeadsUp! game

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HEADS UP! – because life is not a game.

Dodge all dangers and play it safe in your new job at Mondi – one of the world’s leading packaging producers. Check permissions, drive a forklift, do not get caught by rotating machinery-parts, beware of heavy loads, repair the power-lines, keep an eye on the glue and don‘t get eaten by the bear!

Mondi – HEADS UP! Is a fun approach to safety precautions in work-environments and free to play for everyone.

Play every game and earn as many points as you can, but don´t forget to think about the safety rules. Take care, because life is not a game.


1.) WORKING WITH PERMITS: There are different items required in different work-places, such as vests, helmets, goggles or gloves. Does your colleague wear all the required items? Check and decide by tapping on the correct button.

2.) OPERATING MOBILE EQUIPMENT: Handling mobile equipment in a working environment requires a lot of concentration. Tap on the buttons to break or accelerate in order to avoid possible accidents!

3.) ENTERING CONFINED SPACES: Working in confined spaces can be very dangerous – especially when the light goes out. Memorize your path and find your way in the dark by tapping on the navigation-buttons.

4.) WORKING AT HEIGHTS: Better to be safe than sorry, especially while working at heights. Estimate the distance between the shelves and adjust your bridge by tapping and holding.

5.) ENERGY AND MACHINERY INSOLATION: Current and electricity are not a good mix. Repair the circuit by tapping on the connectors before your time runs out.

6.) MOVING AND ROTATING MACHINERY: You need to take care in the work place, because machines don’t. Dodge all dangers by tapping on the navigation buttons.

7.) LIFTING AND MATERIALS HANDLING: What goes up must come down. Release the crane-load by tapping on the screen when it’s above the stack.

8.) HANDLING HAZARDOUS SUBSTANCES: Don’t fool around with chemicals. They might react violently. Keep the glue at the right level by tapping on the screen.

9.) WORKING IN FORESTS: Forests are dangerous. There are falling trees, obstacles and wild animals. Avoid all harm by tapping on the navigation buttons.


Google Play: https://play.google.com/store/apps/details?id=com.Mondi.HEADSUP

Apple App Store: https://apps.apple.com/us/app/mondi-heads-up/id1502171768


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Changes and maintenance of the official Provida website.

Ladislav Kossár, the founder of Provida talking about their cooperation with Revolware


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This online identity helped the Slovak Security Policy Institute propagate an educational public quiz event “Máš NATO!”.

Reference from the client about our work in Slovak language.