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Do you struggle with the question of your future education? Getting closer to the end of high school you’re most likely overwhelmed with all kinds of ideas about what you should study next. Do you want to be a lawyer? A teacher? A doctor? Is it better to study abroad? If you can’t answer these questions, don’t worry. You are not the only one. A large part of high-school students doesn’t know what career they want to pursue. Luckily, there is Inšpiruj sa, a conference that will open your eyes and give you a realistic overview of various professions.

Project goal:

To inspire students in choosing universities.

By the time you’re in grade 11 and 12, you have to explore what you want to do for the rest of your life. It is hard to decide when it seems that there is no one to answer your questions. Prospective students need to see what study and career opportunities are available to them before they make a big decision about how to spend the next few years of their life. In order to be able to weigh the pros and cons, they need to have a clear vision of how the universities work. We wanted to help undergraduates to get an overview of their future studies and decide rightly. When the opportunity arose, we seized our chance and came with a conference Inšpiruj sa.

The conference Inšpiruj sa first took place in 2017, and the goal was clear, to give students a chance to ask questions and to see what’s available in the market. We organized many lectures covering the majority of fields in the labor market. They were led by experts, who came to share their experiences, challenges and show youngsters new perspectives on work. There’s plenty to help everyone out — whether one had some or no idea what to study. There were nine lectures in total, and students could choose which ones they wanted to attend. Since only two were taking place simultaneously, students got the opportunity to learn about various fields.