Changes and maintenance of the official Provida website.

As a company commited to creating positive impact on our society with useful software, one of our ongoing projects is working with Provida, a nonprofit organization that blends philanthropy and direct investments for a better and more balanced world by focusing on helping vulnerable children and young people in Slovakia. Provida creates educational, grant investment and donor programmes for families with disabled kids, children without families as well as ambitious students and young social entrepreneurs lacking funds to finish their studies or develop their visions.

Provida’s website is a vital tool for their mission, as it showcases their programs and activities, informs potential donors and volunteers about involvement options and enables hundreds of students to apply for special “Study Abroad” grants. It also hosts their most important initiative called the “Buddy program”, which matches volunteers with children living in children’s homes and supports them to develop long-term relationships based on deep trust and acceptance.

Our role is to ensure that the website is secure, updated, and user-friendly. After a handover from the website’s original creator, we handle the technical aspects of the website such as hosting, maintenance, backups, and security. Revolware’s technical team works closely with Provida’s management to update the content of the website such as adding news, annual reports and results, new testimonials, photos, and videos.

We are proud to be part of Provida’s journey and to contribute to their positive impact on society with our web development and digital creativity skills.

Ladislav Kossár, the founder of Provida talking about their cooperation with Revolware