Tringelt was an online online ordering system for restaurants to sell food directly via their original website, using Tringelt’s Order, Pay & Delivery widget. The system helped restaurants keep their customers and continue serving high-quality meals without the headache to register on yet another standalone app or delivery system detached from their website and original customers. We have also helped people, or even entire companies to get food from their favorite restaurants during the pandemic lockdowns. Thanks to Tringelt, customers, as well as restaurant staff members were able to stay safe and keep their jobs during the toughest times. After the customer retention metrics soared in Tringet’s testing restaurants, the founding team decided to open it up for a general public. For this purpose, we have published a landing page with an option of free registration for new restaurants, as well as an interactive registration process that eased their access to our system.

Tringelt landing page

The key to a successful service in the . We made sure that the website was communicating clearly with its users every step of the way. One such example would be the registration page inputs, where customers were not only guided to successfully fill all the sign-up forms, but also encouraged to finish the process by seeing testimonies of other restaurants – when the system’s interaction algorithm noticed their uncertainty or hesitation. This unique way of communication implemented directly in the system helped us significantly raise the registration-finish numbers in just a few days.

Interactive signup form for new restaurants

The original idea to create this system came from an initiative founded by our client – “Pom├íhame si – gastro v korone” (or “We help each other – gastro during corona times”). This initiative started as a local community of restaurant owners to share newest updates from the everchanging governmental restrictions, virus situation in their region, as well as know-how on operating restaurants in accordance to restriction while staying attractive to their customers. Tringelt was created after several restaurant owners and managers mentioned, how such a system could help them stay alive and in the business.

Logo of the initiative “We help each other – gastro during corona times”