German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone

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German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone

German-Slovak offline dictionary is windows app is mainly for students and travelers. It contains 6000 words and more than 4333 users have downloaded it. The application helps people to translate every day.

Project goal

Provide correct German-Slovak translations to Windows phone users.


Apache Cordova, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Phase 1: Meetings, research, planning

We came up with an idea to build a useful application on windows phone. Our friends have a windows phone, and they would appreciate, if they had a German dictionary in his phone, because it had not existed. We did research by asking people if they know windows phone or own it. Also, we find out how many students are learning the German language and how knowledge of German was needed. We asked people in school and on Facebook. 60% owned or knew someone who is using a Windows phone. In Slovakia, that time was 3.14% of people using Windows phone. On this platform were only paid German-Slovak dictionaries, so we decided to create German-Slovak offline dictionary for free. Users are using our dictionary because it is the only free German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone. Also, our dictionary contains translations from reliable sources, so users always get correct translation. The application is easy to use, and it is even offline.

Phase 2: Problem Solving, Design, and Coding

We built a database with 1000 words and basic application at first.

Definition of the Problem

How to store and give translations to the user effectively.

Problem and requirement analysis

Database with correct translations. Search algorithm to find translations. Show all matched words and their translations.

Problem Algorithm

User type some letters of a word. After the user clicks on the search button, our search algorithm will look for all words in our database that matches user input. When some words match, we print him the result, which contains the word and its translation.

Phase 3: Testing

We have to test all different kinds of user input, for example, diacritic. When the user uses or does not use diacritics, we give him the correct word, that he wants. We also were testing, if our search algorithm works precisely. When everything was solved, we give the app to our friend to test it, if everything works for him.

User inputSearch algorithmTest user
Diacritics, part of wordGet correct translationEverything works correctly
User flow process

Phase 4: Summary

German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone is the most reliable dictionary for Windows phone users. We find out an efficient way of how to search for translations in our database based on user input. We tested everything that is used in our application.


People with windows phone and without an internet connection can easily use our German-Slovak offline dictionary everywhere. We deploy the application on the Windows store, and users have started downloading it. We were constantly adding words to the database and nowadays it contains 6000 words. Current usage of windows phone in Slovakia is only 0,33%. The application has downloaded 4333 users. People with Windows phone get a useful application which helps them with translations every day. They do not need an internet connection to translate some words.

Words in databaseDownloadedDaily active users
6000+4333 times+~30
App stats

Excellent offline dictionary last time I was in Austria, and with this application I finally communicate 🙂

Eva (Mobile)

I recommend this application to all active users of German language. You can see perfect translations, but also expand your vocabulary. It is stable, fast and safe. It has a simple and very usable user interface.

Jakub (Mobile)

Finally, English-German dictionary for Windows!

Tomáš (PC)

Super application, it is wonderful and it is also offline

Martina (PC)


Windows phone store:

Fashion Map Slovakia

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Fashion Map Slovakia

Slovak Fashion Council is a non-profit organization with a mission to support and develop Slovakian fashion industry. Their newest idea on elevating Slovakian fashion was to create a fashion map that would represent Slovakian culture and show designer’s pieces to anyone interested.


Create an interactive multiplatform map that would introduce Slovakian fashion, designers and culture to the public.

Revolware represents the youngest generation of mobile app developers. In 2017, Slovak Fashion Council was searching for a supplier to execute our vision of a digital fashion map. We compared multiple offers and Revolware offered the cost-benefit ratio. The application was created in cooperation, developers offered us with continuous service and consultations which helped us understand the best industry practices and improve functionalities of our app. We also value mutual understanding of the payment conditions, as finances in our non-profit organizations are planned for long runs. Revolware secured the technical necessities which helps us focus on our primary goals without the need to solve problems outside of our expertise. Pro-client approach of Revolware enabled us to dispose a mobile app with a huge potential for the future. The app therefore became an active part of both our portfolios. Recommended, thank you Revolware!

Zuzana Bobikova, managing director at Slovak Fashion Council


Phase1: Meetings, Research, planning

When we first met up with the SFC team they knew exactly what they wanted. They already created physical version of the map that was raising awareness of the Slovakian fashion brands. Now they were looking to expand their project by building and interactive android based version of the map. Prior to the first meeting we expected a team of top-notch uncompromising clothes designers but to our surprise we were welcomed by a charming group of IT guys with a sense for fashion.

As always, we first thoroughly discussed their project’s aim and desired outcomes to ensure that multiplatform map really is the best solution for their situation. In the end there was not much work for us left in this regard. SFC already tested the map in its physical form and all the metrics from previous campaign suggested that a multiplatform app really is the best way to engage wider public in Slovakian fashion. The main reasons for this were:

  • The app is easier and faster way to spread the map among large numbers of people on different platforms
  • New places and shops can be added in the future

Finally, we put together functional specification and our team started to code Slovakian fashion map.

Phase 2: Features and Design


In order to properly engage all types of possible users we implemented 3 types of access by which they can access the fashion map.

  • Logging in / Registering as a regular user by manual registration or Facebook synchronization
  • Logging in / Registering as a fashion shop or event
  • Only accessing the fashion map without the need to log in or register

These types of access allow for tourists to easily interact with the map and discover different fashion shops to their heart’s desires. At the same it allows users who want to keep up with the newest events, shops or save their favorite locations. Lastly it allows shops and various fashion events to register in the app and be put on the fashion map after SFC’s approval.

Filters and Locations

The need for good filtering options in the app was very clear from the beginning. It is one of the significant features of the app where the digital version shines through. Filtering options include different categories of shops and events, dates for fashion events and specific hashtags.

The users are also able to see their live location and the types of opportunities around them. Unique markers for shops, events and suggested places were implemented for better orientation. Each of the locations has a pop-up option. Users can click on a marker and view short info or read full characteristics of the spot.


Similar to the paper version of the map, we agreed to use purple dominant color palette. White and black for functional aspects of the app and Proxima Nova font that best complemented our designs.

Phase 3: Testing

Functionality, Performance, Integration, Database and Security tests

In house test cases performed by our developers and testers.

User Interface and Usability tests

We used a focus group with the mix of iOS and Android devices. This testing led to several improvements for better usability of the app. One of the important findings was that users preferred to go back to menu after clicking on menu items instead of returning to the fashion map display.

Phase 4: Summary

To sum it up, these are the critical metrics that sum up our development process and workflow on the digital version of Slovakian Fashion map. The map was mentioned in NY times:

The New York Times about Fashion Map Slovakia:
Long Overlooked, Bratislava Shines With Newfound Cool

Available on

Google play:
Apple app store:

Ready for your own mapping app?

Contact us at: