German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone

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German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone

German-Slovak offline dictionary is windows app is mainly for students and travelers. It contains 6000 words and more than 4333 users have downloaded it. The application helps people to translate every day.

Project goal

Provide correct German-Slovak translations to Windows phone users.


Apache Cordova, HTML, CSS, JavaScript


Phase 1: Meetings, research, planning

We came up with an idea to build a useful application on windows phone. Our friends have a windows phone, and they would appreciate, if they had a German dictionary in his phone, because it had not existed. We did research by asking people if they know windows phone or own it. Also, we find out how many students are learning the German language and how knowledge of German was needed. We asked people in school and on Facebook. 60% owned or knew someone who is using a Windows phone. In Slovakia, that time was 3.14% of people using Windows phone. On this platform were only paid German-Slovak dictionaries, so we decided to create German-Slovak offline dictionary for free. Users are using our dictionary because it is the only free German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone. Also, our dictionary contains translations from reliable sources, so users always get correct translation. The application is easy to use, and it is even offline.

Phase 2: Problem Solving, Design, and Coding

We built a database with 1000 words and basic application at first.

Definition of the Problem

How to store and give translations to the user effectively.

Problem and requirement analysis

Database with correct translations. Search algorithm to find translations. Show all matched words and their translations.

Problem Algorithm

User type some letters of a word. After the user clicks on the search button, our search algorithm will look for all words in our database that matches user input. When some words match, we print him the result, which contains the word and its translation.

Phase 3: Testing

We have to test all different kinds of user input, for example, diacritic. When the user uses or does not use diacritics, we give him the correct word, that he wants. We also were testing, if our search algorithm works precisely. When everything was solved, we give the app to our friend to test it, if everything works for him.

User inputSearch algorithmTest user
Diacritics, part of wordGet correct translationEverything works correctly
User flow process

Phase 4: Summary

German-Slovak offline dictionary for Windows phone is the most reliable dictionary for Windows phone users. We find out an efficient way of how to search for translations in our database based on user input. We tested everything that is used in our application.


People with windows phone and without an internet connection can easily use our German-Slovak offline dictionary everywhere. We deploy the application on the Windows store, and users have started downloading it. We were constantly adding words to the database and nowadays it contains 6000 words. Current usage of windows phone in Slovakia is only 0,33%. The application has downloaded 4333 users. People with Windows phone get a useful application which helps them with translations every day. They do not need an internet connection to translate some words.

Words in databaseDownloadedDaily active users
6000+4333 times+~30
App stats

Excellent offline dictionary last time I was in Austria, and with this application I finally communicate 🙂

Eva (Mobile)

I recommend this application to all active users of German language. You can see perfect translations, but also expand your vocabulary. It is stable, fast and safe. It has a simple and very usable user interface.

Jakub (Mobile)

Finally, English-German dictionary for Windows!

Tomáš (PC)

Super application, it is wonderful and it is also offline

Martina (PC)


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