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Graphics and visual communications for a Slovak educational quiz event.

As a design and software development studio, we love to work on projects that challenge our creativity and skills, as well as create a positive impact on our society. That’s why we were thrilled when we were approached by the organizers of “Máš NATO!”, the NGO Slovak Security Policy Institute, a quiz event for students of Slovak universities about NATO and its partners.

The goal of the event was to raise awareness and interest among young people about the role and importance of NATO in the world, its positive impact on maintaining peace in Europe, as well as to select the best teams to participate in an international conference on defense and security in Brussel. At the conference, the teams could further broaden their horizons about geography, strategic defence strategies, history, as well as NATO and its international partners.

Our task was to create a logo, a series of Facebook posts and physical posters that would promote the event and attract participants. We wanted to create graphics that would reflect the theme and the spirit of the event, as well as appeal to the target audience. The creative process started by brainstorming ideas for the logo. We decided to use the NATO flag as a base, since it is a recognizable symbol of the organization. We then added elements that would convey the idea of a quiz, such as a subtle check mark, and an exclamation. We also used colors close to the Slovak flag, since the event was held in Bratislava. We chose a modern and bold font that would stand out and catch attention both on the street, as well as during scrolling on social media.

For the Facebook posts, we followed a similar style and color scheme, adjusted for digital use. Different post versions for different purposes were created, such as announcing the event, inviting participants, sharing information, and congratulating the winners. We used catchy headlines, engaging questions, and relevant images to make the posts more appealing and interactive.

The event was a success, with more than a hundred students participating in the quiz. Our creative team enjoyed working on this project and we are proud of our contribution to this educational initiative.

Some of the post design examples above served as event invites or registration reminders.

This online identity helped the Slovak Security Policy Institute propagate an educational public quiz event “Máš NATO!”.

Reference from our client’s project manager, Alžbeta Gavalcová, about our cooperation in Slovak language.