Pizzeria u Jánoša

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Website redesign for a private Pizzeria in Devínska Nová Ves. The customer’s wish was for the website to be extremely simple and easily readable from Kindle devices. This became the main challege of the project, as Kindle devices have limited features and capabilities compared to other smartphones or tablets. Kindles have black-and-white screens, in some versions also no touch functionality and rely on physical buttons for navigation. They also have slow internet connections and low storage space. These constraints meant that we had to optimize the website for performance, readability, and usability.

We followed a user-centered design process that involved the following steps:

  1. Research: We conducted a competitive analysis of other pizzeria websites and a user survey of potential customers to understand their needs and preferences. We also tested the existing website on different Kindle devices to identify the pain points and areas of improvement.
  2. Ideation: We sketched out different ideas for the website layout, navigation, and contentfocusing on simplicity, clarity, and consistency. We also considered the existing brand identity and personality of the pizzeria.
  3. Prototype: We created wireframes of the website using Figma. For the Kindle version, we used a grayscale color scheme and minimal graphics. We also used large fonts and clear icons to enhance readability and accessibility.
  4. Test: We tested the prototype with real users on different Kindle and mobile devices using Zeplin. After collecting feedback on the usability, functionality, and satisfaction of the website, we iterated the wireframes based on the feedback and fixed the user-reported issues.
  5. Launch: We developed the website using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. We used responsive web design techniques to ensure that the website would adapt to different screen sizes and orientations. We also used web performance optimization techniques to reduce the loading time and bandwidth consumption of the website. We launched the website and monitored its performance and user behavior using Google Analytics.

Some example screenshots below:

Beginning of the Pizza menu page

Daily menu page changed every week