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“Fídbek” (Feedback) operating on the domain hodnotucitela.sk (rateyourprofessor) was a simple website allowing students to leave anonymous or signed comments and scaled ratings on their teachers’ performance. This website was created in cooperation with the student council and the teachers’ office of Gymnázium Matky Alexie in Bratislava, Slovakia. More than 90% of the teachers decided to participate, even though the participation was not mandatory. During its operation, the website was used by hundreds of students, leaving thousands of comments and ratings to their professors. Some teachers even decided to change their lecturing style after hearing out the students and modify the grading scales. One of the biggest successes of this system was that it gave voice to the more introverted students, who were hesitant to give feedback in person, or feared reaction of the school authorities. Also, without the fear of direct punishment, anonymous comments made a way for constructive criticisms to be heard out. This standalone website was later given to the school for free and integrated into its larger IT system originally used for grades, absences and to-do student assignments.